Get to Plaza from Highrise/Underwater

This would be a way to go to the plaza directly from your condo like the default condo.

I feel this is easier than going to the menu and joining a plaza.

Mac did respond to the second post but I’m not sure what happened to it.
Remember to do a little searching before suggesting. :slight_smile:

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And thus, this advice was never read by anyone,

The end.

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Well, here’s the latest on this feature. A lot of these ideas were suggestions from the community.


  • One of the elevators takes you back.


  • Possibly a boat takes you back.


  • Possibly a car takes you back.

In case everything else doesn’t work:

  • The pause menu will have a return to plaza button.
  • An item that you can place down, like a door specifically for returning to the plaza.

No real ETA on this, though, sorry.


Haha sorry, I’ll look further next time!

Thanks for the reply!

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That’s alright, thank you for sharing the communities ideas though!

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