Get EXP from the slot machines?

Would it be bad if we added casino exp for CREDITS won from the slot machine?

As in, if you won 90 in credits, you will get 90 exp, or maybe 180.

It is not much, but it is something reward able.

Jackpot could be an issue, unless it will be set to 10.000 exp no matter how big the pot is.

That would certainly bring more players to Grand Quest


Yeah, that might be a bit tricky. Maybe only do it for WOM and 3xdiamonds. Or reduce it to 2.500 exp for slaying the dragon.

yes pls the actual casino XP is pretty boring … i dont know how many mins you need to wait but thats long to get XP there

While it is just luck, having something like this would feel a lot better than waiting around in casino, which is what casino xp is right now. Maybe replace or add to an existing segment on the spin to win an XP reward too.


I feel the same way about this. Such thing would be great! Giving out the vote for you!

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It’s either this or a timer to show long long you have to be in the casino until you get more exp

I think all of you are right, it should not function the same way as Plaza, and should function as wins made by Poker, Roulette (when it appears), Video Poker, and Slots.

I apologize for bumping, but I think this shouldn’t function the same as Plaza, as Plaza XP is a slow gain but you can get other categories without colliding, like Fishing XP for example.

I believe there are plans to change timed xp gain to doing activities instead. It was mentioned briefly in the Discord server once iirc

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This would be great.

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I dont really mind spending time in the casino, because you’ll get plaza experience at the same time, but its a pretty good suggestion