General suggestion re Trivia

I have to admit I like the Trivia game, I’m not so sure on some of the questions. It’s not that they are wrong or anything its just that you often need local knowledge in order to answer them. For example there was a question on ‘standard’ Monopoly’ which asked how much it cost to land on Park Place in USD. This is fine if you are in the US, but not if you have never seen the US version of Monopoly. Would somone in the US know how much it costs land on Leicester Square (or how to pronounce it)?

Another question asked which English football team is called the Foxes. OK if you are in the UK (and like football) but if you are in the US, Canada Germany etc not so much.

Now there is nothing wrong with these questions as such. and well done to the folk to take the time to post them. its just that you end up feeling a bit cheated - least I do.

OK you can end up guessing on any question (What is the name of the 47th element anyone?) but for some reason it feels better - OK I don’t know this rather than how can I know this I don’t live there.

So I’m wondering if there could be a way of somehow localising the questions so that ones that are specific to a country get asked on that country’s/ continent’s server. US specific in the US European specific in Europe etc.

I have no idea how this could be implemented with exisiting questions - there are too many of 'em. However how about having a simple tick box in the submission app marked ‘Country specific’, or local knowledge needed and if its ticked ask which Country?

Anyone feel the same?

I, personally, think it’s fine. I mean, even Trivial Pursuit has worldwide questions in it.

I kinda like having international questions too, it’s an opportunity to learn more about other cultures than my own :slight_smile:

(That said, if we ever get Condo Trivia machines, it would be a nice option)

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