General Plaza EXP Suggestions

So with the new update EXP has been a large focus and a game changer for many, creating new goals and encouraging players to get out of casino and do something productive.
But there’s some things like always that can be improved to better the experience.

Theatre EXP
I know there is a change to this in the works but I’d like to express my recommendation.
Instead of outright removing AFK (which would encourage afk grinding) I suggest EXP being rewarded based on video completion, with some math behind it to dispense EXP based on how much of said video was watched by the player.
This encourages players to be sharing videos instead of putting one large video and just afk’ing to it, to discourage one large video there can simply be a cap to the amount of EXP one video can give.
For example: If one player puts on an hour long video 15 minutes in the EXP cap would of been reached and it’d dispense only 15 minutes worth of EXP for the whole hour video, even if it is watched in its entirety. This is purely to prevent players from AFK grinding to one incredibly long video.

Casino EXP
Right now casino EXP is incredibly boring, yes some players spend hours upon hours in there grinding out for WoM jackpots. But for a lot of players like myself, it’s just not very rewarding.
So this one is a little simpler, based on unit gain from slots, tables or even the rarity of an item from spin-to-win will give a very small chunk of EXP based on the amount of units gained.
From testing rates of units I believe half of unit gain in casino would suffice for basic transaction EXP. That’d mean 1,500 units would return as 750 EXP. 10,000 units return as 5,000 EXP.
For jackpots however it’d have be to decreased to 1/5th of unit gain to balance it. 1.5 mil would only reward 300,000 EXP. Still a hefty amount honestly. 60,000 unit jackpot would reward 12,000 EXP.
This is to prevent players from just shortcutting the entire EXP system via jackpots.

Plaza EXP
As it is, it’s perfect. It rewards regulars to the plaza with items.
However there is one thing that can be changed; tracking amount of time in the plaza.
So say EXP is dispensed per 12 mins played actively in plaza, my suggestion is for it to remember your playtime and carry it over through activity. If a player stays in plaza for 10 mins and suddenly goes afk, the tracker would pause at 10 minutes of activity. Much later the player returns to continue playing and it resumes to eventually dispense the EXP at the 12 minute total active playtime.
Right now it wipes the playtime the moment a player is inactive or leaves the plaza.
What this change would do is allow players to pop into plaza to say shop and return to their condo, the little time they did spend in plaza would remain tracked so players don’t feel glued to plaza to eventually get these items, but that they will get these items eventually. This also helps remove the pressure of constantly being active in plaza otherwise the active timer is wiped.

And so that is my general plaza EXP suggestion, I don’t expect any to be implemented but I’d like to start a conversation and see what others think.

Thank you for reading :hearts:

These are all really good ideas. I bestow upon you the legendary “vote”


I like the plaza idea, but I’d like this implemented into theater xp also. I usually watch videos in the theater until an event starts and then come back after the event is over


not everyone watching a video longer than 15 minutes is farming xp


Yeah, I do get his point there, but what he says could be flawed if I read it right. so someone could just spam a bunch of 15 minute videos into the queue, go afk, come back in say… an hour and put more 15 minute videos, right?

I’m not sure how the coding for the plaza xp you suggest would work, but I would love it like that aswell.

If they couldn’t do that, I would at least want them to give us half the amount of xp, within half the amount of time that it usually does. So I’d get like 1,100 every 6 minutes instead. cause then that wait, if we left, it wouldn’t feel like we were just a couple minutes short from xp

I think it should be added that the afk timer is a bit too strict. The first issue is that it’s what, one minute long? Often times I’m just alt tabbing briefly to find a good YT video to play and suddenly I’m afk. Doubling this time would feel much more fair in my opinion.

For the second issue, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but moving my camera does nothing to stop the afk timer. If I’m looking around but standing still, I shouldn’t need to worry about missing plaza exp.

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Increasing the AFK timer to 5 mins would feel just about right.