General Nitpicking Thread

dude it’s just a joke, and joking on yourself when you’re bad actually helps with being grumpy about it

The top black writing on the vodka bottle is off. Looks very trippy though which is kind of cool


Grand Quest says “SPIN AVAILABLE” like Wheel Of Money, but you aren’t earning spins, you’re earning actions.


Sometimes people in the casino sit backwards in their seats for some reason. Looks very strange lol


do casino credits choice buttons still have their sound removed? :frowning:

The 4th hole from the Kingdom level in Minigolf has grass levitates in midair.



I played Coin River today during the Arcade double ticket event, and I had to nitpick about the 2nd trap door opens and closes lastly from the letter R, while the other trap doors are in perfect sync.

Edit: I also forgot to tell thhat all of these trap doors (once closed) stops the coins from rolling further.


When there are a bunch of people in an online game, the entire game starts lagging and the frame rate skips really bad. Is there a fix for this?

Many out of bounds areas have clipping issues that should be fixed.

you should make a bug report for this. this isnt a bug thread.

Ok. I will do that.

I made a little drawing when the grass should be sticking to the ground.

thank you for the detailed visualization of a possible solution.


No problem :+1:

This is a known issue, performance will always scale inversely with the number of players, but reducing the impact of that is always a long term goal. One of the things we’ve done in the past are throttle animation rates when there a lot of players in the plaza. There’s still a bunch of stuff though like reducing networking, more optimized player models, and so on that we’d like to do in the future, but we have to balance that with updates that keep people engaged, bug fixes, and so on.


TL;DR I have my own issue since I still had 700 MB of Texture VRAM usage that refuses to change, darker high quality shaders (moslty on slot machines at the casino), low numbered of particles (like the water jets, fireworks, gold glitters, etc.). It just make me feel that I’m really an unlucky Tower Uniter player with performance issues.

Oh, and lag spikes when I’m logging in the US server with the most people.

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The Shrine needs a rework. The candles and petals look, frankly, like crap compared to newer items, and especially for one of the more expensive furniture items in the game.