General controller support suggestions

More use for d-pad in plaza
D-pads are currently unbinded for plaza, and could be used for shortcut to currently missing features
e.g. Inventory access, cycling through said inventory, taunt access

Complete compatibility for fishing
Currently, only works upto hooking, it’d be nice if i can reel it in with stick

Trivia support
Pushing D-pad to select the corresponding answers, like i suggested for salmon says

Bowling support
Use the left stick for positioning, rocking the right stick back and forward (skate style) to determine the angle, and lt/rt for spins

Pressing the cancell button should leave the machine/item

Better Zombie Massacre support
currently, weapon swap and ability activation is binded on same button, and no way to see where I’m aiming without kimber’s laser pointer

Better gamepad/controller option, Separate bind option for controller
currently there is no way to bind specific action to specific button, controller style option doesn’t work (could be a issue with Geforce Now), and it shows keyboard prompt regardless of selected controller style

General menu for controller user
Pushing option button gives you access to general menu, which gives access to inventory, customize/emote menu, collection book, map, and main menu

Crossbow zoom and toggling firstperson/thirdperson view are binded on same button and it should be separated

Great suggestions, I’ve put them in our controller document.