Gee, that was a success!

Awesome work, community!


It was so sad… Watching it go… “Campaign closed” they said. Its over, they said.

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We got all stetch goals. And we gave enough money to pixeltail so they can have all the coffee they want.


I kept refreshing until… it was all over… :frowning:

And drugs. Im just kidding. Then TU would be drugfest.

Same but my wifi sucked so I missed it by a minute
EDIT: Ohhh its because my wifi antenna fell on the floor… Shoot.

Indeed :slight_smile:

Yas we did it (I donated 20) :smiley:

Very glad to see it end with such a high amount! TU is the first Crowdfunded Game I backed, So i’m very excited to see development unravel. Good luck to PixelTail. Hope the Steam Alpha makes the “End of August” target.

I’m glad pixelTail was able to raise this amount of money but I’m sad to see the Indiegogo campaign end :cry:

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We shall not worry now that the campaign ended. We shall put our eyes forward for what follows in the development cycle.

I’m sure we are all proud that we did it, aren’t we?
We’ve done it! We made it to the goal! And I didn’t manage to contribute anything wooooo!
But no seriously though, congrats to both the devs and hype-filled future TU players :V

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Yay! For the first time ever, a crowdfunding campaign I backed didn’t crash and burn! (Thanks for lifting the curse, Pixeltail)

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