Gameworld Difficulty Payout bonus should be increased


Like the title states, I’d like to propose the idea that the payout multipliers based on gameworld difficulty be increased to more profitable levels. From what I understand, there are 4 Levels.

Easy - x1 payment
Medium - x1.1 payment
Hard - x1.25 payment
Very Hard - x1.35 payment

These variables are rather minimal and don’t honestly feel that much more rewarding in regards to the difficulty of some maps, which is why I would reccomend and suggest the following scale:

Easy - x1 Payment
Medium - x1.25 payment
Hard - x1.5 Payment
Very Hard - x1.75 Payment.

This, I believe, would allow players to feel more rewarded for the scale at hand per what map is being played. I often argue that Sweet Tooth and Midori are absolute torture sometimes, and from time to time I would hear players mention they wished the gameworlds would pay more, so this multiplier should help alleviate some of that on top of Acheivements and Milestones.



Hey Alexer, I like your plan but use the search function as I’ve suggested that before.



I mean yeah it has been suggested in the past, and it HAS been increased.
He’s suggesting it gets increased again.
So it’s a new suggestion, he really doesn’t need to use the search for it. Considering the ones that come up are from 2016. (you can prove me wrong easily probably, but that doesn’t really matter)



Thank you spookz. My hope with this is that the units gained from gamemodes with difficulty levels on their maps can at least be more profitable for harder maps. Right now the multipliers aren’t really at a level that I would consider worth playing the more difficult maps like Sweet Tooth, Kingdom, Prisim, etc.



Yup. This is the very reason that I just stick to the easy courses



It’d be a legitimately noticeable and useful bonus for playing harder levels, and a better incentive for mastering them. I’m all for it.



1x 1,2x 1,4x 1,6x should be good ?

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I still don’t think that’s super noticeable.
Plus having it be what Alexer suggested would make it go up in a nice .25 fashion :^)



While i’m all for increased payouts, I feel a bit partial to making it payout too much for harder maps, because I’m afraid that’s the only courses that will get picked. I enjoy running nimbus as fast as I can, and I don’t mind getting paid a little less for it, but if everyone else queuing up decided that they wanted more money, we’d constantly be put in the harder maps.



You make a very good point. Hadn’t thought of that.



While I respect that, I don’t think having higher payouts will make easier maps less played. It just makes the harder maps feel more worth it.