Games with 0 players are displayed


Waste of space, bad user experience, confusing, clutter. Please hide them.

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I’d say this should be in bug reports.

It’s currently working as designed (afaik). I wouldn’t consider it a bug unless an unexpected behaviour happens [they’d need to hide 0 player lobbies to begin with, and the hiding mechanism not work]. I know what you mean though. I’ll move it.

I mean, 0 player lobbies shouldn’t exist, or be displayed, that’s the bug I’m thinking of. By definition, a lobby without a host can’t exist. It’s just displaying some leftover data that hasn’t been cleared (Which is the bug).

I agree, it’s an annoying interface problem. We can hope for fixes when game world UI is reworked.


Right now server listings are through steam’s API. It has some issues and a lot of quirks to it. Since players are now persistently connected to our backend (ever since the Lobby 3 Update) we’ve been thinking about leveraging that to have a more accurate and consistent server listings. This would require a level of communication between our various backend machines though that they currently don’t support, so its something would be coming in the future likely.


Just because it uses Steam’s API, doesn’t mean the result you get from it can’t be altered (filtered).

if player_count == 0:


code fixed :wink:

Has to be put on a project board somewhere, assigned to someone, someone has to find time to do it. It needs to be reviewed (wait nvm), tested (wait nvm), deployed, and tested (wait, nevermind).

Testing? What’s that?

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