Gamemodes UI waiting list

I’m posting this because I’ve been watching Planet Panic and Virus UI haven’t been finished yet. Here are the things I noticed:

  • Planet Panic scoreboard isn’t finished yet. (Ussing Ball Race scoreboard) DONE
  • Virus scoreboard isn’t finished yet. (Using Plaza scoreboard) DONE
  • Virus radar doesn’t work at the moment. DONE
  • Planet Panic UI (timer, team scores, etc) isn’t finished yet. DONE
  • Virus weapon crosshair isn’t added in the game yet. DONE
  • Nicks near the player in Virus isn’t added in the game yet. DONE

This isn’t a report. These things will be strikethrough one by one as they will be added into the game.

Thanks :smiley:

I think the devs are already aware of the Virus radar’s lack of functionality as they did mention it in the most recent change log.

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Yeah, you’re right