Gamemode Spectate

Some ability to watch some gamemode, like Slaughter Night Live as a game show or Virus as a horror movie. Maybe Zombie Massacre as zombie survival movie. Some sort of display on a tv in your condo or near the gamemode station.


That’s actually a neat idea

Awesome idea :smiley:

Obviously a good idea. Yes pls

This thread was made 5 years ago, but I would really like to see this feature added sometime for the reasons in this thread.

I want to hold some competitive games (with some friends) and some sort of spectating feature would really come in handy.

I could lose all my lives or stroke out in Ball Race and Mini Golf, but the spectating experience won’t be as great if I do that. I’m mainly looking for this feature so that I can spectate games of Accelerate.

This would also be really great for Game Nights and stuff like that, where it’s likely that people aren’t always going to make it into the game.

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