Gamemode Port Revamp

This would be a pretty massive change but I think it would improve the experience and look of the lobby.

Instead of having all the gamemode ports in a single room perhaps they could be spread throughout the lobby. Portions of the gamemode maps could be spliced into the lobby such as minigolf courses and race tracks. A hospital could also be added to the lobby map for the virus port. This would allow players to explore the different areas of the lobby instead of just running from spawn to the game port room when they want to play a game. As well as expanding the lobby with additional useful locations.

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I’m pretty sure this is for the alpha only, but I liked the idea of the giant Gameworlds building being like a gateway or arch leading to the port, not a teleporter. That feels sloppy to me, idk.

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Personally, I believe the current, centralized area for all the gamemodes is better. As interesting as themed buildings would be, with a centralized area you don’t need to travel halfway across the map if you suddenly decide you want to do Minigolf instead of Virus.


well a compromise could be something along the lines of having the centralized spot teleport you to the themed area

so you want a gameworld port that teleports you to the gamemode ports? :dizzy_face:


Only if the port it teleports you teleports you to another port

I think it would be easier just to walk to it

To be fair, I was kind of joking with my response, I didnt exactly try hard to convey that

Why not have both with shared player queues?

I like the idea of a general area with themed ports similar to the way it currently is in Lobby 2. I’d prefer if the ports in the giant area were a bit more themed and decorated, however.

I think we’re all forgetting that there’s gonna be a ton of traversal items you can get that will get you places faster. When I have my rollerblades and a jetpack I’m gonna be wishing the gamemode port was more remote so I have more of an area to use them.

I’m siding more with having all the game world queues in one specific location rather than dispersed throughout the map. Lobby 2 wasn’t designed with game world queues everywhere in mind.

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