Gamemode levels?

Now i know this title seems like i’m asking for more game world levels, but that is not the case

I’m thinking that in game worlds, you should have a level meter, no not something that gives you xp or money, but just something that is judging your skill, like cs:go

Now for some game world coughcough ball race, minigolf, source karts(?) coughcough there’s no need for this, because it’s all about the gameplay, but in the OTHER game worlds (virus, pvp battle, UCH), you could have a level or ‘skill’ meter if you will and a system that could go like this

3 game wins (not rounds, games, the full 1 - ? rounds) = +1 level up
please note this is just a rough estimate at what i’m assuming it could be like, it could change for all game worlds take it with a pinch of salt.

Now this has it’s goods and bads:
The good

  1. People get fairly equal matched people
  2. People are more likely to have fun and not rage if people of higher level are kicking their butts all the time

The bad

  1. People could deliberately attempt to lower their level just to have more fun ****ing over the lower levels (this could be fixed by just having a permanent level system, you go up that much, you stay there)
  2. People that may want to play with friends may not be the same level as them, so they might not have the chance to play them

Now note 2 things:

  1. This is just for game worlds alone, not for condo’s, not for how much money you have (“o look at me i’m so rich PRAISE ME YOU POOR PEASENTS HAHAH!” - some rich people in GMT)
  2. Not all game worlds are the same, pvp battle is a 1 v everyone until round/game ends, virus is an all vs. 1 virus till it becomes a 1 vs. all viruses until death, and UCH is a everypig vs. 1 big dragon that can seemingly instant-kill you in 1 bite even if you’re no where near it! So this may have to be adjusted to other game worlds.

What are your thoughts on this?
inb4 “wow this is such a stupid idea and you know it no one will want to be forced to play with evenly matched people if people want to play with randoms then let them!”
Then why don’t we have an option to enable/disable it for some servers?

I think it would be nice to have some sort of experience system, perhaps similar to the Battlefield games, as long as it isn’t publicly visible for people to brag about. The experience earned could equate to the amount of Units earned, for example. The experience level is just there to show you how much you’ve played on that server, based on performance in gamemodes. The experience level would never go down, and is unique to every server. In effect, the experience shows you how many Units you’ve collected in your career total in that server.

Anyone can say they have whatever skill level, but as long as that information isn’t displayed on the server itself, they don’t have any solid proof to their skill level. Also, just about anyone is able to photoshop an image of their skill level, so showing a screenshot to other people isn’t good evidence, either.

In response to the OP, dividing the playerbase by skill level in each individual server would cause gamemodes to be less accessable. If there was a way to join any server and any gamemode using a skill level and quick match system, then that would make sense. But, every server isn’t going to have enough people to make skill based play work on each individual server alone.

I have never said that there should be an experience system, something only akin to cs:go’s way of ‘ranking up’ you play X amount of games and if you win said games, you level up (though in cs:go it’s more team based and it also requires your team to be good).

Also i agree with the fact being that the levels should not be for bragging rights (i even stated in the original post that it should NOT be for bragging rights) and should have no value, saying “OH YEAH I’M LEVEL 20 IN UCH I’M SO PRO” should mean jack-s*** to anyone because at the end of the day, it just means you play a lot of that game world and are very good at it, nothing else (besides why would you brag about how good you are on a game world? that makes you sad bro)

The experience should not equal to how much units you earn, it’s about how well you are in it, if it was about how much you earned then highly experienced people would stupidly quickly gain the highest levels because, well to put it bluntly, they’re pro’s, they know what the f*** they’re doing, and plus let’s also note that people WILL spend their units, so to make skill judged by how much units you have, would be worthless and would force people that want to smurf to do (see quote):

And no one likes a smurf, they’re just there to ruin your fun.

Second paragraph doesn’t really mean much because like i said, bragging about how experienced you are in a game world should mean nothing.

I did state at the very bottom of my original post that there should be the option to disable this function, not EVERYONE wants to be forced to play against the same skillfully matched players and i get that, i’d be insane if i had to suggest this and not think about the others who wouldn’t want this.

Also look at GMT, there are so many people playing it that you can hardly say there’s not going to be enough people, if we talk user-made servers, sure that could be the case but this is assuming you make the game world lobbies (i believe this is a thing?).

I am sure without a doubt TU will have a LOT of people, maybe not as much as GMT (Because “MAKE IT FREE PLS BECAUSE I PLAYED GMT AND I DON’T WANT TO PLAY A BETTER VERSION OF IT THAT TOOK TIME AND ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND COSTS MONEEEE!” is what people tell the devs on the greenlight for TU) but still, a lot of people.

Personally, I don’t think I’d like this added to TU. It’s not that it’s a bad idea (after all, it seems to work fine in games like CS:GO), it’s just that TU isn’t designed to be a competitive game. Unfortunately, this does mean that games will probably end up unbalanced by skill if no other methods are implemented. Besides, I don’t think there’s going to be any form of matchmaking (if I’m correct, it’s still just the order of people queued up), so there isn’t much reason for this in the purpose you want it to serve. Should someone make a modded competitive-styled server, then making a mod for something like this would be a great idea. As it stands, though, I don’t think it really needs to be added.


Plain and simple. The way you show how good you are at a game is by a) winning and b) getting the achievements and milestones.


I agree. If you wanna show people you’re good, be good. Don’t grind a pointless meter for the allusion of having skill(when it most likely means you just have no life)


There is a much simpler way of doing this. Earlier I suggested a way of having equippable medals of varying status’s of the game worlds (think about the MVM medals from TF2). This way there is a little bit of competition, but it would only be for bragging rights and to show off your favorite gamemode. Having a plain ol’ number would be dumb and boring.

I don’t want this overall… It’s just not… TU.

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Could there be like a TL;DR… Its too early in the morning to read rn

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I don’t really see how i could give a TL;DR about this, I could try:

Give people levels for how well they do in certain gamemodes but shouldn’t have an impact on any of the games, no extra damage or better guns