Gamemode Difficulty Options

In short, there would be options to increase the difficulty of a gamemode for you personally. The options would NOT be able to make anything easier, and each gamemode would have its own small set of adjustable options (e.g. Virus: your shots do less damage, Little Crusaders: your sprint depletes faster, Ball Race: you start with one less life on each level). The options would only effect you, so those new to the game won’t spontaneously have things get extra difficult. As compensation, you would receive a small Unit bonus for the added difficulty. Ideally this would let gamemode masters be able to level the playing field voluntarily so both newcomers and veterans have an equal chance at winning while still giving those willing to take on the challenge a small bonus. Whether this is a good idea or not, I don’t really know. I just spontaneously came up with it and thought that it would be worthwhile to share. What are your opinions on it?


Differing difficulties and game variables would add greatly to the diversity of gameplay. I approve.

So, basically a handicap system. I love this idea.

Essentially, but reversed (newbies aren’t aided; veterans are encumbered).

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There are two kinds of handicaps. Ones that make the weaker player stronger and ones that make the stronger player weaker. For example, a chess handicap makes the weaker player stronger, while a horseracing handicap makes the stronger horse weaker.

This seems interesting because of the increased units payout.

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Yeah it would. And it would be good for people with no skill (like me lol).

Higher difficulty for more Units? Sounds good to me

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Huh, I’d always assumed that handicaps always made the weaker stronger. I guess I’ve just never seen an example otherwise. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Well, to be fair, the former are more common. Just depends on the game and really even just personal preference. The term handicap actually means a circumstance that makes progress or success more difficult.

Like there could be four-five levels of handicaps; each one granting +10% GMC (Or whatever they’re calling the currency these days.) I like the idea and I back it greatly!

I really like the idea… It’s getting kind of boring playing against new players who don’t know how to play the chimera.

This is something that actually exists already in GRiD Autosport.

You can choose your handicaps and more exp is rewarded based on how challenging you make the game for yourself and how well you triumph through the struggles.

But me, being a casual player, I have it on the easiest settings, so I progress very little through the story :worried:

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