Maybe you can integrate different gamemodes into each other. Not exactly to change gameplay, more like references. Like a minigolf themed Ball race map (I know Kromido counts) or maybe there can be some reference to Virus in Slaughter Day Night Live.

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Kinda like news reports on a TV in SDNL saying, “A recent outbreak of an unknown virus has erupted!” Or something like that!


Nope :no_mouth:

I think there’s no easy way to do this besides creating a whole new game mode. Possibly something for a bit down the line?

I don’t where you are getting this, but doing this is actually really easy.
Ballrace - Golf Ball Orb
SDNL - In between rounds, an intermission could take place to announce the Virus out break,
Accelerate - Ballrace themed map
Virus - Decaying SDNL posters on the walls
Minigolf - Literally any map themed to other gameworlds
Zombie Massacre - Virus themed zombies here and there

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Making a whole themed map isn’t easy

What are you talking about? Making a map centered around a theme is the core point of a map. Lifeless Raceway was a Mario-themed map. It’s not hard. I could totally see an Accelerate map themed around the new skyworld map in the alpha.