Gamemode admin settings for hosts like in the condo

Title speaks for the suggestion, There are toxic people that join your session and as host you have nothing you can do about it other than vote kick(that can sometimes not even pass and will also bug out and start vote kicking everyone).

We need the same options we have in our condo for at least kick and chat/voice mute for our own session to take care of players like this, Note that I didn’t include the ban option because that can limit players if too many people ban them.

Not once and not twice that I had to deal with toxic players towards me and my friends and even towards newbies and I really want to have a clam session that everyone can enjoy without any fighting or showing off like some some proud cocks thinking they’re superior over others…Pretty sure everyone want that :pensive:

If we can have this simple QoL feature that would be great and I would love to get a feedback on this too:)