Gamecube and Wii games with the Oculus Rift

Yes, another thread about the oculus rift.

So, dolphin emu got upgraded to 4.0-8949 and this edition really introduced something I thought previously impossible. 4.0-8949 has Oculus Rift support.

I tried out a couple of games already, they work pretty well given that they’re not custom tailored to rift gameplay, couple of kinks with some but apparently Wind Waker works really well.

Tried out SSX Tricky and that game is so intense and fun. Jumping and doing flips and stuff was amazing and frankly I want to do it again and again.

Tried out SSBM and the menus and stuff are actually rendered in 3D space to begin with, so using the rift with just the menus was really really cool. Actual gameplay was a bit sickening because the camera likes to move cinematically, and with fixed camera mode it’s too far away, but it’s nothing I probably can’t fix without some tweaking.

Gonna wrap up this thread real quick to play some more Tricky, If there’s a game you’re interested in say something and I’ll try it out!

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I can’t even begin to imagine how this would work. Is there any footage of this online yet?

Can you try Metroid Prime? Or Skies of Arcadia Legends? The latter doesn’t have that good graphics, so I dunno how well it’d work on the rift.

That’s actually way more rad than I thought it would be.

This actually seems unbearable, I wouldn’t find my self being able to play something where the whole thing is jiggling around. :fearful:

I personally would like a static mode tough, where basically the whole game is full-screened onto your eyes and the motion tracking is disabled, like a screen straight into your eyes.

I don’t own a VR device. :smiley_cat:

I’ll see what I can do. I thought I heard someone say something about Metroid, but I can’t remember if they said it worked really well or they had problems.

DIET: Couldn’t get Metroid working no matter what. Something tells me it would play terribly anyway because the game originally had an FPS lock of 20, and speeding that up to 75 would make everything three and a quarter times faster.

Gonna try Skies or Arcadia Legends now.

Alright, Skies of Arcadia actually ran, I’m about to learn how to upload a youtube video so hang on

EDIT: It’s processing so give it some time but here it is

Wow, that black screen thing is really weird… But it still looks quite awesome. And it is quite hard to get the game to run without stutter. But Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite games of all time. I wish more people would play it.