In gmt i always liked to read the serverchat, participating with conversations from anywhere, but in TU, if i get into a condo, i can’t read what people are saying, i can’t really look over everything, it makes me uncomfortable to not be able to look over everything like in gmt

so could there maybe be different chat groups, for example: global chat (everyone can chat here to anyone) friends/group chat (to talk privatly) server chat (only the server that you’re in, maybe even for a specific server so you can read the chat from that server, even though you’re in another one) and maybe whisper chat, if you want to speak to someone privatly, idk

Just spreading a thing that i will miss in TU

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I seem to remember hearing its planned that if you set your Condo to public it will attach to a lobby and then the chat will connect.

Not 100% sure on that though.

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Yes, what Vulture said. I believe it was said to work that:

  1. You join a lobby
  2. You enter your condo
  3. The server you were most recently connected to is saved as your ‘home server’. That means chat, players, the entry door, and stuff like that all connect through.
  4. You join another lobby server, now THAT is your home, and will be linked when you condo again
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good enough

When you associate yourself with a Lobby (as in, joining one) and then go to your condo, the lobby chat will be networked to your condo so you’ll be able to read the chat from the Lobby.

It’s the Peer 2 Peer stuff we’ve been working hard on. You’ll see it working on the next stream.