Game Worlds to Lobby P2P chat

Similar to the Lobby to condo chat but for Game worlds

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No. This would be too distracting, it would clutter up the Plaza chat, and it would just be a fucking mess and a nightmare to set up.


This could be interesting, but I’d wait for an advanced chat system (such as one that has different text channels) before supporting its implementation. With just one channel, this could easily spam the chat box.

It may be nice to see what other people are saying in the gameworlds themselves, but it’s probably not going to be all that special, especially since the gameworlds require active participation. You’ll probably just see players rage about their shot in Minigolf or whatnot. As long as this feature doesn’t use up too much time, effort, processing power and network access, then it may have a chance at being implemented.

However, it doesn’t seem that interesting at the moment. Perhaps when more gameworlds are added?