Game World Wearable/Decoration Medals

My suggestion is to have medals based on how well you did in the various game worlds. They could look something like this:

Of course these would contain images of the game worlds engraved on it. They could work a bit like TF2, in where if you win first place in a certain game world, you will get a wearable medal with either bronze, silver, gold, or even platinum on it. The item would change based on how many first place wins you have (like, 250 wins for bronze, 700 wins for silver, 1200 wins for gold, or even 2000 wins for platinum as an example). This would be mostly for bragging rights, however. But you could wear your favorite game world with pride with this.

In addition to this, there could be hangable plaques with bronze/silver/gold/platinum game world logos that we can place in our condos. They could say something like “This plaque commemorates [insert player name here] who has won first place in [insert game world name here] X amount of times.” and would also increment in value just like the medals.

It would also be funny for the plaques to have a somewhat random saying after it, for example (sorry @Caboose700!): “This [silver] plaque commemorates [Caboose700] for achieving 1000 first-place wins in [Slaughter Day Night Live]! He captured the hearts of millions!”

So that is my suggestion. I hope you like it!

I have a few suggestions on what the medals would look like:

SDNL: An old-style antenna television-shape with a shotgun engraved in the middle (because it’s supposed to be a gameshow, right?)

Ballrace: A circular-shaped medal (with a highlight in it, like the logo for Ballrace) medal with a melon engraved in the middle

Virus: A fire-looking medal with a syringe engraved in the middle

ZM: A skull-shaped medal or radiation symbol

Minigolf: A golfball-like medal (with the holes like an actual golfball) and a golf club engraved in the middle

LC: A viking-style helmet

Accelerate: A go-kart wheel.


I actually had a very similar idea and it went as far as being drafted up and designed out. It was to be made for GMT, before we had the idea of going to Tower Unite.

I actually lost the draft as it was on paper.

Basically the idea was tiers of badges for each gamemode. You’d have 5 tiers that players could get to and as they played they got points alongside their units. The more impressive the award, the more points towards their badge.

The badges would show up next to their avatar during the game world and on their profile for all to see.

I, however, was only thinking of 2D badges and not items like your suggestion.

In other words, I really actually want this to happen. It was one of our stretch goals at one point, but I deemed it too complex to describe and too small for people to get hyped over so I changed the stretch goal to be mutators.

There was also another thread that wanted to have the ability to show off your favorite weapon or item from a Game World. These are all very possible to do.

I guess look forward to seeing this pop up possibly after the Early Access as an evolving and improving feature.