Game World Ports update ideas

The recent update to the Condo Hub is amazing, I love everything about it. It does an amazing job at making it feel like you’re actually traveling to each condo rather than just teleporting to another server, and all of the extra details (unique door appearances for each map and the props that appear near populated condos) are a perfect mix of actual functionality and immersiveness (for a lack of a better word).

I’d love if the Game World Ports received a similar treatment, too. It’s probably the one area I’m most excited to see updated with the current connectivity plans, and while the connected queues is already huge I feel there’s a lot of other additions akin to the ones added to the hub with 0.15 that would help greatly with connectivity, so I wanted to share the ideas I had here.

Visual Representation for Open Servers
Similar to how the Condo Hub has the doors and directory to show all currently open Condos, a way to see the currently active Game World servers would be a nice detail.

The idea I had was to bring back the Earth hologram from the initial Lobby 3 design for the Game World ports. Basically the game would get the preferred Plaza region of each server host, and then place a marker on the hologram in a random spot on that region. The marker would just include basic info, like player count or what the Game World/map is.

Being able to actually join games from the hologram isn’t necessary in my opinion, just being able to visualize the games that are currently running would be a great detail in its own right.

Board Showing Amount of Players on Each Game World
A screen on each Game World’s port showing how many people are currently playing and the amount of servers that are open would be a nice detail. I don’t really have as much to say about this as the first thing lol.

Game World Info Boards & Trailers
The rundowns of each Game World in the main menu would be great to have in the Game World ports, especially for people new to the game. Additionally some TVs in each port that play the trailers for their respective game would be nice.

Visual Effects for Unit/EXP Events
A visual effect added to the ports of Game Worlds with active EXP or Unit events would be a great detail (and probably necessary). Something simple like falling confetti and balloons would be great.