Game World Port Update

No one really uses it and with access to server lists and the ability to create a game from the main menu it just feels like wasted potential, especially since you can’t do any of that from the ports except make a que to potentially start a game.

Can we get some thing to make the ports more worth using or even going to? Maybe add some mile stones or achievements for using it. Maybe some secrets or other minigame type stuff there.

We have plans to overhaul how matchmaking is done, to allow people to queue up from the menu, plaza, and condos.


But than what happens for the game world ports? Even less people will go there at that point.

There’s more to it than just simple menu queuing. Queuing would be made entirely global, so you don’t have to sit on a screen or in a room to wait, and could instead play games or decorate your condo while in queue. Personally, I think at that point game worlds should just be turned into a smaller room in the plazas, where all players can globally match up. There isn’t any reason to restrict people to one server where they have to wait around.