Game World Customization

It would be nice to be able to manipulate controls and the map itself when within Minigolf or Ballrace, similar to what can be done in Golf With Friends. Here are a few suggestions on controls to manipulate the game:


  • Maximum Strokes
  • Speed Control
  • Round Time
  • Hurry Up Timer Wait Time


  • Jumping
  • Speedrun mode. Changes the round time based on a time that could only be achieved when speedrunning.
  • Roll Speed
  • Different Models for the Melons

Of course, enabling some controls will require you to disable earning anything other than “Thanks For Playing” due to the abuse it would bring with units, but things like changing the melon models won’t impact the success rate while playing ballrace.

If you have any other ideas for customization settings, just share it in the comments and i’ll add it to the list.

mutators are planned

Like Scrungo said, there will be Mutators at some point. You can follow the mutators card on the dev’s Trello page here:

Oh, whoops. Didn’t see that.

he suggested something different to mutators tho

The store Upgrade will probably have everything suggested in it.