GAME UNPLAYABLE-Does not register mouse icon where it is

The game currently does not register my mouse where it actually is. To click any buttons my mouse has to be extremely far to the right of whatever i’m trying to interact with on screen. Because of this, I literally cannot play the game. I can’t load into any servers, change any settings, change the page on avatars, anything. The home menu is as far as I can go because of this awful bug. Uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing, neither did restarting my computer. I’ve never had an issue like this with Tower Unite before and still don’t have it with any other game. So I can confirm it IS a Tower Unite problem; not my device, not human error, not my internet. I would appreciate any amount of assistance possible with this problem I’ve found as, though a very small issue, it removes the ability to play the game entirely. Thank you for reading and helping! :slight_smile:

Does the games resolution match your screens resolution?
Have you tried running the game in full screen borderless mode?

Its resolution does match the screen it is on, yes. I would run it in fullscreen borderless if I could, but I can’t properly navigate the settings because of the bug ironically. So I can’t change nearly any setting in the options whatsoever. Its like i’m infinitely soft-locked in the menu because of the bug.

hit alt enter

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Two buttons…it took two buttons and then I could fix my problem. I’m so royally mad oh my god, but very thankful :sweat_smile: Thanks a ton for the help, oh my god.

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