Game review and suggestions.

I downloaded the game again today and i’m realy impress of the work you guys made during the last years !
The Plaza, the Condo’s features, the workshop, … everything is crazy.
While playing minigames some ideas came to my mind that i would like to share you. You might have receive the same before because they are kinda obvious:

During my game of minigolf i felt bad of being obligated to follow the map… When i played to some famous minigolf games i loved trying some shots to make an all in one, wich is impossible in some maps on the mini golf !
It’s kind of cheating but it make the game more competitive and so harder because right now we all make the same shots (not precisely the same but yea, it’s made to be done in 3 shots most of the time)

Also, it need more cooperation between players… When i talk about cooperations minigames i mean minigames such as Murder, TTT, hide and seek and the other famous ones “of Garry’s Mod”.
Playing single on Tower Unite is boring, it can be cool to have those minigames so that we can talk to people, have fun !
I know it’s not original to take the same gamemodes but it give a reason to make our friends buy the game, why would they buy the game right now ? To play bowling, i mean, we also wan’t to talk, troll our friends in co-op games.
Exemples: TTT, Murder, Werewolf (Loups garoux de thercieleux in french), Deceit, Hide and Seek, Prophunt.

The devs have stated they will not be directly taking from other gmod game modes, however if you’re looking for new co-op experiences, accelerate looks like it’ll be good for that. There are also things being added to condos, such as darts, so that can be co-op as well.