Game popularity

I mean I can play this gmt forever with people all the time because it’s fun talking to them and there is never a dull moment. How are you going to spread the word about Tower Unite so that it can success like gmt did? This game is meant to be played with players and without players the game is no fun. I know I’m definitely going to play it but the word needs to be spread. Big youtubers need to be able to play this so other people can see the fun they have playing it. Seananners and Mr Sark played gmt and for some people that’s how they found out about the server. What are your strategies to really hype up this game for a big audience?

I’d honestly expect just Word of Mouth to carry the popularity. People already know about GMT, and they will soon learn about Tower Unite. If anything just it being released into Early Access will throw it into a new frontier of eyes, considering people will then be able to download and play it. I’d “expect” to see the same people who covered GMT, do “wacky” and “crazy” videos about Tower Unite as well. That’s just how I would see it going.


Pretty subjective. I’m going to find myself enjoying a lot of it with just myself or my select group of friends. In fact, if only I and my three mates played this, I would be happy.

I found out about this game through Cinema, so I’m sure that brought in some people as well as the whole of GMTower. Upon release, I’m sure a lot of people will be drawn to the unique style and concept of the game, so they’ll learn that way. Eventually, players from within will recommend it outward and there’ll be a chain following.

It’s a bit early for this, we are busy developing the game. However, we plan to contact various Youtubers, attend conventions, and engage in adverts on Steam.


Personally, I’m going to buy more copies for friends/giveaways on forums.