Game mode practice rooms?

Since there will most likely be new people appearing in TU all the time, I feel there could be a better way to teach said people how to play the game modes. I was thinking that there could be practice rooms for each of the separate game modes (except for the cooperative ones like ZM) and possibly a video showcasing how to play each of the modes. For instance: The SNL game mode could have a shooting gallery where you can practice your aim against targets and try out the various weapons. The mini-golf could have a small green with various levels of hills and such. Ball race with a room to get used to the controls… and you get the picture.


This would be really helpful to the new players.
One problem with this is, they would need to build an AI system to help with the Virus room. Unless you making it like a shooting gallery where you’re an infected and have to touch dummies moving on a track.

That’s why I stated “excluding the cooperative modes.” Though your idea is really interesting too. But the way you say it, it wouldn’t really be an actual AI system. It would just be a model on a moving brush. But yes, I like that idea too.

I guess I skipped a beat. But yeah, I believe there will be alternatives to the coop things like for ZM, you could practice avoiding zombies on a track to touch a gravestone, or have an overhead shooting range.

My reasoning for excluding ZM, is that I thought it would be jarring for new players if their view is suddenly changed when they entered the room.

But with the demonstrational videos you’ve mentioned, they can warn the new player about the overhead style and that their camera angle will switch when they enter. Having it switch suddenly would be jarring, but I’m pretty sure a transition would be set in place.

Yes, that’s true. I guess I contradicted myself.

It happens to the best of us.

The ball race demo has single player set up. Perhaps this will transfer to the final version along with other game modes. If not, an alternative would be launching a private gamemode server.

This would be very beneficial :smiley: Great idea, @Arctiq

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But a private game mode server won’t help teach new players very well. Especially if it’s games like UCH or Virus. The practice rooms would help teach the players the fundamentals of the games and help them learn the controls.

And I should mention that the practice rooms should be accessible within the lobby itself. Like a room that is between the game mode que rooms.

I see what you are saying.

How about this: The game detects if it is a player’s first time in a gamemode. If it is, then it runs them through a tutorial using whatever map / course was selected (or something like this at least). Just a simple text tutorial or something explaining the controls and objectives. It’s definitely more convenient to set up.
If not this, then something before the game starts (joining time of that even exists in TU as a long wait) that runs them through the basics- similar to source karts waiting screen.

I like the social interaction of asking others how to play a game. If that doesn’t happen (Everyone in a lobby happens to be super rude or complacent) the games are simple enough to figure out.

Win 1st in Accelerate.
Kill zombies in ZM.
Stay away from the Virus
PVP is self explanatory
Ballrace- Who hasn’t heard of monkeyball?

Only one that I could think of that might require a couple of questions would be Little Crusaders (UCH)

but other than that I’ve never actually encountered anyone in my four-five years of playing that asked how to play a gamemode.

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But practice rooms are still more beneficial to everyone than reading a wall of text explaining the controls. It’s all about helping them through the lions den rather than telling them what to do and pushing them in.

This is true, the games are usually fairly easy to learn.

Yes, the rules may be self-explanatory, but my idea is for helping them learn the ins and outs of the game. Which weapon in PVP works best for them, how the karts handle on different terrains, and stuff.

Roflman is making a virus tutorial series on YouTube, perhaps they could associate his videos. I’m not sure if he has a forum account, if you do please respond and inform everyone!