Game minimizes and won't open

Hello I keep running into this issue when trying to play tower unite through steam. I click play game, game opens, I see the load screen that states game may freeze during loading then game minimizes to start bar and I am unable to open and play game. Every time I try to click the icon in start bar screen just goes black. I’ve already tried restarting any suggestions??

There’s a configuration file in


Go ahead and open


Look under the following section:


Now change the following until it ain’t broke:

  • ResolutionSizeX=#
  • ResolutionSizeY=#
  • FullscreenMode=0/1
  • LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=0/1 (Should be same as above)

If all else fails or I accidentally told you to break something, verify the integrity of the game files in Steam properties of the game. If that fails, wait for a dev for a precise fix.

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