Game locks up in ball race

Hello! I keep having a problem with ball race, whenever I reach the checkpoint or sometimes when I die, the game will lock up and stop responding and I have to close it through task manager. This happens on each map when I am host. It started 4 days ago out of nowhere, I’ve tried verifying the game in steam, updating graphics drivers, running in dx 10, and nothing worked. I can usually get past the first couple of levels but eventually it locks up, I haven’t been able to complete a course since it started happening. I really do not wish to re-download my game as I have very poor internet speeds and it would take me while to download it again. This is my favorite game in tower unite and it sucks that I can’t play it to unlock more milestones. If anyone has an idea as to why this might be happening and any ways to fix it, please help! Thank you for reading!

If you have the Falling Money particle effect equipped, try dequipping it and it should solve your issue.

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This seemed to fix it, got a full run on nimbus with zero issues, thanks a bunch!