Game is (possibly) permanently frozen when I try to do anything past the menu

Hi um… first time posting on a forum always makes me nervous…

well… uh…

so, for a long time my laptop was broken (needed a new Hard Drive and the SSD died on me), it finally got fixed a few months back. I tried to play Tower Unite, only to have issues. every time I select anything, the game goes into a loading screen and is stuck in it. long ones… for all I know they’d take hours to load, but it looks like the thing froze. I can’t get it to let me play, and that’s a real shame because I really like playing this game. now my laptop is broken again so I’m sending this message on a chromebook (not sure why I said that stuff but I did)

I just really need help getting the game to run again once I get my laptop fixed again.

I would really appreciate it if I could get the game running again. oh and I should’ve mentioned that I try to run the game on the DirectX version for slower computers.

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What are your laptop’s specs?