"Game is about to start, join?" message for bowling

Extra detailed description of my awesome idea: Add pls

Sorry, but I’m against this for now. Some people just wanna play by themselves because waiting through other players turns drastically increases the length of the game.


IIRC this used to be a thing before the Bowling official release, but this was scrapped for those reasons (I guess)

It will happen, we had some issues before release so we held back this change.

I’m against this as well when people like me want to play a quick round and don’t want to have to wait for 4 other people to go

I wish there was a setting to toggle whether or not join alerts are sent out to the rest of the server when about to start any minigame. Some people do actually prefer to be alone to play some games, and I don’t see why not to give players that freedom. People could still join them from the physical location if they really wanted to play a game.

I know this seems like too much effort for a seemingly negative result, and there isn’t much I know to say to disprove that. However, such an option would be nice to have for some of us.