Game Froze at Random

I hated to be frozen in TU, especially when you fall in a pit of spikes.

I found this video on YT that can help me boost FPS in my PC

I fixed it and come back to play TU, but the game freeze at random.

I also Verified the Integrity of the Game Cache and play the game, but still froze at random.

Here’s my list when the game randomly froze:

  • After the Plane Wars minigame
  • After the round in Virus
  • Theatre (all of it)

What’re your specs? I watched the video and all the things it instructed you to do don’t really boost much FPS.

Boosh. Switching to Support isn’t going to help people’s problem

Thanks to macdguy, I will never play this game again.

End of story.

Screw my specs.

TU is dead.


Uh, okay. First of all, this belongs in its rightful place in the support category, as it isn’t a bug. I never get these weird freezes at all. So it is potentially something to do with your computer. I was just trying to help. Also note that the game is in early access, in which it does not mean that the game will be spotless and completely bugless.

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Without specifications it’s hard to deduce what could be causing the problem. Stuttering can be caused by a slow hard drive, and can be helped by using the PAK version of the game (which is how Tower Unite is delivered by default).

The media player can also cause some lag if the system isn’t high powered.

But again, without specifications it’s hard to understand what could be the issue. Without them, it’s a shot in the dark.


Sorry for the confusion here. Support section posts are taken at a higher priority than bug reports and support threads don’t get auto closed like the bug reports do, that’s why it was moved here.

Support is the place to get help for issues like this, as the game doesn’t freeze at random for everyone, so it’s more likely an issue with your hardware or drivers. And since it’s an important issue for you, support gets a more hands on reply from developers.

As Caboose said, stuttering can be numerous things and most likely could be signs of a hard drive issue (as the game might stutter when its loading large amounts of files). You mention you followed that video and one of the steps was to defrag the hard drive, so hopefully that went well. I’d also just check to see if the computer isn’t running too hot and the graphics drivers are up to date.


I mean, if you’re going to act like this around people who are trying to help, is it really that bad that you won’t be coming back?

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