Game freezes then my pc crashes


recently my game sometimes freezes then my pc does the “ :frowning: something went wrong”. I know nothing about computers but my pc is not good so it most definitely is my pc’s fault. This is only happening recently but usually on ball race and golf when I make it into the hole it freezes. This has only ever happend with tower unite so any ideas what I could do to stop this happening as often?


What are your specs, and what does the bluescreen say was the problem? This could be almost anything


Just reset my pc, it isn’t crashing any more but still having frame drops when making it into the goal. Walking around in the plaza is fine. Still have a few frame drops when flying around. Hopefully I have not jinxed it by saying it isn’t crashing. I’ll just to wait and see after a while of play time. Edit: Forgot to mention that since I had to re-install the game it fixed the 8th slot from not working. Edit 2: The game crashed which is much better than my pc doing so, crash was mainly caused because I was shift tabbed and was searching youtube through the steam web browser which causes most games to lag and freeze.