Game freezes completly after a couple of minutes

My girlfriends meets the recommended specs to play tower unite.
she is able to play but after a couple of minutes the game freezes completly and even after waiting for about 10 minutes the game doesnt respond so she has to kill the game process in the taskmanager.


Prozessor AMD A4 6300 (2x3.7Ghz 64bit)
Graphics Radeon HD 7750

have you tried turning off VSYNC and high quality shaders?

Yes, she plays it with completly Low graphic settings…
Anyway. I opened up another topic with the crash log for the developer and after i talked to a friend which uses to be a Geek when it comes to Computer and games in general, we have 2 things that May cause that issue… Either the gpu which is the only New thing in the System (she hadn’t had the problem before in other games) or the age old hdd which could not process all the data in the usual time because it’s Cache is just 7mb… But we are on to solve that issue. An SSD is ordered so we will see If she will still have the problem. If not than it was the hdd, If yes it still could be the gpu.

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