Game does not load, crashes immediately

The game will not start, it only crashes after attempting to launch.

Steps to Reproduce

I attempted to launch it on multiple occasions

What I expected to happen

For the game to load and be able to play.

What happened

The game crashed upon attempting to load.

Notes / Media


I can post error dump but I’m not technically savvy and need help finding out how.

Did you happen to just build this computer/have a fresh windows install?

I just bought it recently yes

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Thanks for letting me know. We are currently seeing 11th gen Intel computers having issues starting up the game. Tomorrow I’ll be running a test with other members of the community to see if the fix works.


Thank you so so much! I installed the game on my older pc and it runs like a dream and I’m hopeful for the patch so I can play on my new setup! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


By chance any update on the 11th gen Intel issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We’ve merged in the patch for OpenSSL for this next update that should hopefully fix it. When the update comes out, you can try disabling the workaround to see if the patch truly fixed it.