Game crashes when I right click

I was going to copy-paste a server ID, and when I right clicked my game turned black with a upside-down white L at the top left corner of the screen. Any help? :confused:

I tried right clicking on the IP address bar, and it seems it only minimizes the game for me. If you need to copy something, you can always just use shortcuts like Ctrl + C to copy, and Ctrl + V to paste.

Are you playing in Windowed or Fullscreen? I had similar problems with Unreal Engine back then. I would either suggest running the game in Windowed (or Borderless) and avoiding to minimize the game (Just Alt-Tabing).

@Hydra I’ll try that!

@PoliteWhale I was using full screen.

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there.

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I have a different issue with MOUSE2/right clicking. When I use it, the character stops moving and you cannot do anything until you stop pressing it.

That’s probably linked to viewing your character. In GMT, you held right click and moved the mouse to view your character (however, you were still able to move during this). It works in TU, but you have to be in third person since it doesn’t automatically go to third person during the right click yet.