Game crashes upon startup, no minidump


To cut it short, i keep trying to open the game up and it closes after a few seconds, no error message or anything.

I’ve also looked for crash dumps yet it didn’t leave any behind.

I’m using an Acer laptop, but my friend who also uses a laptop has no problems starting the game up.

Thank you very much!

What are your computer specs?

You can also try validating your game cache.

There are usually two culprits when the game closes on boot. One can be that the computer just isn’t powerful to run the game (such as the computer only have integrated graphics) or that the graphics drivers need to be updated and/or reinstalled.

specs are:

Model: Aspire es1-732
Processor - Intel® Celeron® CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz
Ram: 8GB

I’ve also verified game cache, so i’m guessing my laptop really ain’t powerful enough for this game, sadly.

Unfortunately it appears that way based on the specifications you provided.

I’d like to also add to this post as I am friends with Zoloft and we are both struggling to load the game up, and also know said friend who is able to load the game on a laptop (which is 10 years old).

I do not use a laptop, I use a desktop. Here’s my specs, too.

It’s a lenovo
Processor: Intel® Pentium® Silver J5005 CPU @ 1.50GHz 1.50 GHz

I also verified the game cache, and also had no minidump or errors that would help me figure out the issue. The system recently had a clean reboot 2nd of December.

From the specifications your provided, which don’t include a model numbers so I can’t look it up, it appears to be the same situation as the computer above.

There doesn’t appear to be any form of dedicated graphics, meaning that the computer relies off of integrated graphics, which for the most part won’t work with Tower Unite. There are a couple people who have gotten lucky with this, but in general integrated graphics won’t be powerful enough / don’t support features that Unreal expects.

Whoops, forgot to include the number, yeah. Here you go: F0EA000GUS
Im hoping that’ll help figure out if it would work on not based on the model, but if not than yeah, I guess the game won’t load for me.

A quick search on that Model number shows it has a Intel UHD Graphics 605 chip, which is a integrated chip, which unfortunately isn’t supported.

Aw, darn… I’m not tech savvy but it’s nice knowing I do infact have integrated graphics. I figured my computer would’ve ran the game perfectly fine, too. Never had this problem before, so it’s an interesting case. Thanks for the help, kinda a bummer though, but I’ll see what I can do.