Game crashes on startup

I got this game and when i played it it crashed help i cant use google because its a smart ass

Can you give us some more details? We’re gonna need more information to help. What steps did you take? What crash message did you get?

Ok i started the game but after 5 seconds it crashed

I need help
Update the game

The only new detail you gave is that the crash happened after 5 seconds. Did you do anything in those 5 seconds? What are your computers specs? What operating system do you use? Are your drivers up to date? Did it always crash? Do other games crash? There’s a sticky about how to upload crashdumps, too.

  1. I did nothing 2, windows 3. Yes 4. yes

We’re gonna have a hard time helping you if you keep answering like this. I don’t see a crashdump and your answers are too limited to give any real indication as to what the problem might be.