Game crashes on launch.


Few days ago i normally played in this, but suddenly it become laggy, stopped loading some textures and then, after some restarts, it fully became broken.

How it is: i’m launching the game. It’s loading. I see “loading main” screen, then i see “Pixeltail” screen and after this it’s going blackscreen and crashes even without error messeges, leaving me with “pashol nahooy”-feeling.

I’ve allready tried to fully de-install the game, but this crashes won’t stop.
And i know that newest patches are no reason for this because it happend BEFORE them.

I’m very sad and it’s halloween now in tower. :C
I will be very happy, if you will help me.


Could do with the crash log file from your game.
If the game has made one you should be able to find it in:

The very first part of the path above can vary depending on if you got any extra hard drives in your computer.


=RAR is here=
Here you go.
I’m really hoping that you can help me.


The file you have uploaded is marked as private, so no one can see or download it.


Oh my bad.
Here you go! Tap here.
If antivirus gone mad - don’t mind it.

P.s. looking on a date of the dump, i thought that it could be wrong one, but i can’t say clearly. Because it’s the only one which was there.
I’ve tried to launch game right now and the problem still exists, but no logs or dumps was created, so if this is not you need - sorry :frowning:


Anyone? is there any help?
I still very want to play.