Game crashes after clicking "Appearance"

I’m having a whole slew of issues on this, the game crashes on startup if I run in direct 11 at all, it worked initially the first time I booted it but crashed in the menu. Okay fine I’ll switch to direct x 10, it seems to work now but anytime I go under the appearance tab the game just crashes immediately and gives me an unhelpful bug window. I’ve tried verifying the files, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, the latest thread of a similar issue was closed and said it was just a steam inventory issue but I’d be surprised if I coincidentally ran into the same issue like 10 days later. I tried the fix for deleting the player data folder and it doesn’t do anything, the assetregistry.bin file also doesn’t seem to exist.

Any help would be appreciated, for the sort of game that this is being stuck with the basic player model would be incredibly disappointing

Here’s the crash dump info

Edit: Okay I tried testing some other things and turns out this bug isn’t just in the appearance menu, the game seems to crash anytime it has to load a player model. I tried testing golf or my condo and both crashed - golf worked fine until it had to render me in and then it immediately had a fatal error. This makes the game entirely unplayable until I can find a way to fix this bug :confused:

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