Game crash and when I re - open the game, it's laggy

When I first open tower unite when I turn my PC on, its runs fine at 50 - 70 fps. However, after a while the game freezes and then crashes. When I reopen the game, I get at most 7 fps. This makes the game unplayable, and it’s happening so much now that I essentially can’t play the game for long periods of time. I am limited to about 20 minutes. To restore my fps, I have to restart my PC, which is of course a pain in the ***. Does anyone know a fix to stop this game from crashing?

Update - I dont know what this is doing, but as I’m reinstalling Tower Unite to see if that fixes the problem, I open another game where I also get low fps which doesn’t happen normally. It’s also getting around 7 fps so I’m going to connect the dots and say that it’s something to do with the tower unite crash being a result of something with my PC (despite it only starting to happen yesterday) or the crash does something to my PC.

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