Game Collaborations you'd like to see with Tower Unite?

(Tower’s waaay too early in development to even consider suggesting collaborations, so I’m just going to consider this a general discussion thread.)

Some people don’t like collaborations usually because they break the art style of the game or sometimes come off feeling like an advertisement. For me however I think it depends on the games, and Tower Unite would be a great fit. GMTower was pretty much a huge melting pot of content from other games and that felt natural. That being said, what are some games you’d want to see do a collaboration with Tower? How would their game affect tower and vice versa?

For a detailed example, I’ve been playing a lot of Viscera Cleanup Detail lately and the two games have a bunch of possibilities for a collab.

For example content from TU put into VCD could be:
-Hospital from Virus as a playable level where players need to clean up after the mess caused from a game of Virus. (Cleanup virus corpses/blood, bullet casings, guns featured from virus, etc.)
-The level could also feature unique trophies based on iconic items from Tower, such as a catsack for example.

While content from VCD put into TU could be:
-A level from VCD modified and reworked for either Virus or Zombie Massacre.
-Several iconic items from VCD sold as decorations in condos. Disposal Bins, Buckets, etc for example.
-Several iconic weapons from VCD sold to play with in plaza/condos. Mop, Sniffer and Laser Welder for example.
-Optional Janitor outfit for Male & Female playermodels.

Few minor examples could be:
-Payday gang masks as accessories for playermodels from Payday 2.
-A reskin of the Unit Bills weapons to resemble Dosh from Killing Floor 2.
-A companion cube prop and Aperture Science outfits from Portal 2.

You get the idea. What are some games you’d want to see do a collaboration with Tower? How would their game affect tower and vice versa?


Collabs wouldn’t work with TU in my opinion. They don’t really have any characters per se and TU is basically just a party game with little to meaning. It would be difficult to pull it off. Anyways I don’t really see the point of a collab.

Man, it’s been far too long since I’ve played VCD. Fucking love that game.

I’m sure that after TU is finished, PixelTail might get some collaborations done here and there. Not saying they’ll be looking for it but saying that some companies might like it.