Furniture items from GMT

With the Suite being remastered, a lot of us want to recreate out GMT suites how they were, but at least for me this is impossible because some models that GMT had aren’t available in Tower.

There are no tall bookshelves anymore which were nice to cover up walls and make them more interesting.
There’s no L shaped Bar table which was very nice. (even though it is from CSS, a remake would be nice)
And the long desk isn’t a thing anymore.
The old Piano was really nice too, I’d love to see it make a return.

I can understand if some of the models are directly not your work but having items that are similar at least would be very appreciated!


Oh god how I loved that tall bookshelf. I used it to cover up ugly wall areas which stuck out like a sore thumb. They are almost like a wall building block, except it looks neat.