From Windows to Ubuntu

I have successfully taken the plunge and am now sitting happily on Linux Mint 17.2! Now all I need to be happy in my life is for a Linux Version of my favorite game wink wink.


All hail Linux.

Pretty Firefox theme is pretty.

Next step is setting that bad boy up with some icon packs and themes!

That’s my desktop. Orange themed, only because Numix has orange folders I can’t get rid of.

The only thing holding me back from switching to Linux is the fact that most of my most played games aren’t supported for it yet, whereas one of my most played games ever outright said there’d be no support for it.

Same issue on my end. Considering a majority of what I do is play games, it’s not feasible for me to fully support a platform developers are too scared/lazy to.

I was a bit concerned about this as well. However at least for me, some of the games I could ever consider myself playing again are supported either Golden or Platinum in WINE or have Linux Variants. I do fully expect to see a surge of Linux games coming out in the next couple years because of the ease now to do it. Tower Unite is literally the only game I want to play that doesn’t have a linux version (yet I know Zak haha), and doesn’t run in Wine.

My second most played game on Steam, APB: Reloaded doesn’t support Linux. Users have managed to get it running in WINE, but it involves bypassing the anticheat system, which is strictly against the EULA. I’ve spent too much cash on the game, and invested too much time to risk my account for it.

There’s an engine update coming for the game, eventually. I’m hoping they’ll consider a Linux port once that’s done.

Ah I see. Hopefully they do end up making a Linux Client. Anti-cheat seems to be the bane of attempting to do anything with Wine for most games.

Man, I remember APB.

I would try to go on the APB forums (either on Steam or whatever other ones they have) and trying to get dev attention. The game runs on UE3 so it shouldn’t be a hard port.



The fabled engine update that everyone’s waiting for with baited breath, was suppose to update it to the latest UE3 version. Frankly, I’d be more interested in seeing them port it over to UE4.

I’ve decided to maybe do a little journal about my experiences from using Windows for all my life coming over to Linux.

I’ll start off by saying, I used Linux Mint in a Virtual Machine about a week before I started using it for real, so I kind of knew what it was doing.

I’ve experienced some irritations don’t get me wrong. For instance, I was unable to (and I will eventually work on it some more) to get Bluetooth to recognize A2DP, which makes my Bluetooth Headphones sound horrible. Other than that though, the only other problem I get is YouTube HTML5 is hit or miss depending on the video. Some work, some just infinitely load. Flash Player works perfectly fine, so I don’t really know what that is all about. The last thing that is a bit irritating but seems to be a problem for all other Linux Users, is that, BOINC won’t detect that the system is IDLE. So telling it to wait for the system to be idle for 5 minutes before it starts processing Workunits doesn’t end up doing anything.

Only MAJOR issues I’ve had was attempting to install Xbox 360 Drivers in PlayOnLinux, which temporally lead to me not having the start menu, but I eventually fixed it.

Only thing I can’t seem to figure out, is that, and this has only happened twice and can’t figure out the main reason yet, is that the X Window Manager will just stop working. I can move the mouse around, but cannot click on anything. Only way I can fix it is to do Control + Alt + Backspace but that pretty much resets the current environment.

All that being said though, I still do not regret moving over to Linux. Everything operates super fast, much faster than Windows. I was able to get Rocket League to work Flawlessly (Seriously the same as Windows), in Wine, and I’m overall happy. I’ll post more journals if I have anything else to report.

Edit: One thing I would say is, if you are considering moving over to Linux, make sure your very good at Google-fu and are willing to fix shit. If you aren’t, stayed on Windows or maybe move to Mac.

I love/d Rollercoaster Tycoon 2! So much nostalgia!

Thanks for the journal! Was thinking about moving to linux but seeing that these little things would irritate me to no end I probably shouldn’t.

That and all my games that I love super muchly wouldn’t work at all.
Thanks for this!

Just out of curiosity, what games?

Got Conky to work. I’ve got all my panels how I want them!

For those interested, here’s the Conky Configuration File.

What is this even?

Conky is the green system manager on the left. It lets me see all the information I want to see about my computer at a glance. It replaces the entire that side of the monitor. I was watching something in VLC when I took the picture pfft.

Oh. I thought it was a game or something.

Whatever it is it reminds me of CToS.

Caboose = Aiden Pearce?