Friend Referral System


So Tower Unite is about being social, right? When the EXP system comes in and all that, why not allow players to refer their friends pre-level 5 (or 4, 3 or 2…) so that they can get a tiny bit of Units in rewards? Maybe, the more friends referred, some exclusive items to add in? I feel like it wouldn’t be too much overbearing on the unit giving away, it’d at least be a tiny bonus to help start off friends together, y’know?


Mixed feelings on this, but I can see it happening.


A couple thousand Unit bonus to start. I don’t see the harm. I dig it.


IDK… I always found those friend referral things to be SPAM YOUR FRIENDS


What would that be for? Getting more players?

How about instead you just get rewarded in some way for playing with friends in general? Like, 1% bonus units for everyone participating in your current activity that happens to be on your friends list.


How would you track this?


i dont think this is needed


Fellas’, this is old as heck. Also, tracking with Steam IDs? Shrug.


You can just give your friend your account’s referral code then when they first launch the game it could ask if you have a referral code. And then you could easily tell who was referred by who. Also could have a referral code box in the settings for people under level 5.


Or introduce a guestbook item for condos, no need for codes then.


other idea get more xp while playing with friends


I always feel like I’m sales person trying to exploit my friend for personal gain with these