Frezzing help

when i keep trying to join the lobby it just freezes at the joining lobby screen how fix?

It’s not really a bug. The engine doesn’t render anything while loading the lobby. The devs might work on a solution for this eventually. UE4 doesn’t really provide a standard way to implement loading screens. But using Level Streaming is a solution that some devs used to get around that limitation.

They mean the loading screen just says loading but nothing ever happens.

Try and reinstall the game, and try running it without firewall once, if none of those work then i don’t know what you could do. Someone else has had this issue but they said it fixed itself after a while.

No I think he sees that the loading animation freezes and doesn’t wait until the map has loaded.
Before you do anything @Nate214 suggested, try waiting a bit longer when you try joining a lobby.