free weekend


Im not sure if this has happened before, but if not it would most likely expand the community just that extra bit, would also most likely give free-weekenders the incentive to purchase the product forevermore.

tell me your thoughts/ ideas, i would love to see what people would think of this.


Think it’s a better idea when the game is finished… that way everybody will have the full experience and word of mouth will be more effective


I’ve got to agree with clark it might get a bad rep with all the bugs


Good idea but we have to think that they need to feel that they haven’t finished the game after 2 days of playing so maybe waiting some time would help.


As much as I’d like to agree, it’s just not a good time for it. You know there would be a SWARM of people blasting the Steam discussions about how there isn’t enough content, and it would probably turn many away who could have been potentially interested in experiencing the game for the first time post 1.0 launch.


Thank you for your responses, after viewing it through a different angle, i can see your points, maybe in the future when theres more stuff to do :smiley: