Free on Steam: Amnesia

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is free to keep on Steam until 10AM Pacific time.
If you didn’t own it already, it’s a great horror game and you should grab yourself a copy. Everyone loves free stuff!

Just to clarify, you /do/ get to keep it after you’ve downloaded, so even if you weren’t too interested in it, might aswell grab yourself a copy.

Store page:

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Additional note: There’s no need to fully download it. Just start the download, then stop it and it will be yours

You can just cancel the install confirmation too, doesn’t even have to start.

Thanks for the heads up. Been wanting to try this game forever but I never got around to buying it and now I’m glad I never did.

It a great deal, but I don’t have a chance of playing it. I’m terrible with Horror games, like really bad. I’m so bad at getting scared easily, I can’t get past night 3 on Five Nights at Freddy’s 1…

Thanks for the heads up, I totally would have missed a free game.

see this is why I need to check Steam more often

Yay, one more game to through into my library and let it lay there forever! :smiley:

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