Frame Types

Maybe you should add different types of frames for canvases.

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Can you give some examples? I personally think the ones that we have now are fine, but at least give some extra depth to your suggestion.

i dont know… search on google images for picture frame and maybe some things like that

How about you do that, since you’re the one who made the suggestion?


The whole point of a suggestion is for something you want putting in the game.
If you don’t even know what you want… don’t make a suggestion.


Finally someone said it.

Can you please put more effort into your suggestion? I do really care about people’s suggestions and I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but you post suggestions constantly with little to nothing in the topic.

Asking people to google search for your suggestion is not doing anyone good.

Honestly, we get a lot of suggestions and most are things we’ve thought of before and just haven’t announced it or decided if we actually want it, but we’ve probably thought of it. For example, when making the canvas frame, we instantly thought of doing different types of frames, but we wanted to get the first frame out first then make more updates later when we have time.

So in conclusion, please put more effort into your suggestions and search if they have been suggested before or are on Trello.


I’ll add one to the suggestion, a frame like the png format, but without transparency. So basically a completely flat frame, but without the current issues of transparency

So you’re saying to make a frame for PNGs that disallows transparency?

I’m saying make the exact format of the png frame format, which is just the picture no model of any kind, but disable transparency. Transparency has some issues with draw order, layering and intersecting in unreal.

AFAIK, you can load .jpg images and such on cutouts (I have one in my condo), though I’m not sure if doing so fixes anything with draw order.

It doesn’t, that’s exactly why i want this. I found it while doing a paper craft ps1 that if 2 images overlapped, they’d look very glitchy because of the draw order.

Just open up the image in something, like MSPaint/, and save it as something other than a PNG.

This is two jpg’s using the cutout/png function of the canvas

It doesn’t matter what format the image is in, it’s the frame type that’s the issue.
Here’s another example

You want the flat canvas type, which is something I’m gonna be adding soon. Basically it’s the cutout but with no transparency.

I wish I could fix the sorting issues, but that’s how they work in Unreal and there’s a few options but they would have to be exposed to the canvas editor to be useful.

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Yes, this is exactly what i want. Looking forward to it :smile:

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Huh, I’ve never attempted any of the little “paper craft” things, so I’ve never seen that bug. It makes a lot more sense now :relaxed: