Found towers looking like the logo

For my years of college, I have to spend my weeks in a apartment/hostel situated in Nancy (France) and if the tower is seen from a specific angle…

I just though it was funny enough to share :stuck_out_tongue:


Well those are united towers a’rite ?

pretty much, yeah :kissing:

Now if that small house in that picture is a hotel, then it would even make sense.

The small house is not part of the tower but I think it’s apartments XP It just looked good from that angle :3

That is pretty awesome!. I wonder if the inspiration for the logo was based off of something like this? :smiley:

Actually, Matt precise that the three tower of the logo represent the plaza, the condos and the game world, all united, and it shapes a big U like in “Unite”, so inspired from actual building seem unlikely XP

Oh! un français! ça fait plaisir! :slight_smile:

mais à moi aussi :3 je me sentirais moin seul dans la tour uwu

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Woah, that’s awesome!

Not gonna lie, this is actually very interesting. Props on noticing it!

heh, well thanks X3

thanky youw~


Woah. This is really cool. Didn’t know the tower existed IRL :stuck_out_tongue: